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UV Direct Printing Services


What is UV Direct Printing?

UV Direct Printing or Flatbed Printing, or Direct to Substrate Printing is a technique of printing directly on a 3D object instead of just a flat sheet of paper or nylon. This requires special UV ink that can be cured by UV light. This UV technology allows printing onto many different substrate including plastic, acrylic, non-reflective metal, wood, cardboard and ceramic. UV directing printing is ideal for short runs on objects such as smart phone cases, signs, gifts, awards, wooden canvas, laptop covers, and promotional items.


How to Prep a Design File   We are sorry, but we cannot offer:
  • Files being submitted for print must be in PDF format (vectors intact).
  • No outline, stroke, color fill or shape - besides those intended for print
  • CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator vector file containing spot color named “RDG_WHITE” will print white, gloss color named “RDG_GLOSS” will print gloss or varnish, and CMYK layer with artwork will print in colors shown.
  • Prints larger than 20”x13”x4" (LxWxH)
  • Prints on reflective/mirrored items
  • Designs made from scratch
Directly print on 3D objects: Our system cures with UV light instead of heat allowing us to print on a wider variety of services. We’re the perfect solution for direct printing on electronics.   Wide Variety of Colors and Textures: Our UV printer can provide matte, high gloss and embossing finishes with 72 different texture patterns to choose from so that you can optimize individual prints to truly customize your project.   Small Lot Production & Prototyping: Get your items done locally and rapidly! Let us become a part of your team by taking on the UV Printing processes so that you have more time on research and development.

*Photos Provided by Roland DGA


Pricing Structure

UV direct printing pricing is based on the number of layers wheother full bed size is utilized or not. While we can print on slightly curved surfaces, the price above reflects printing on flat squared surfaces. Set-up rate is subject to change depends on the design and object to be printed. Large volume discounts are available upon review of inquiry. To request for a quote, send an email to

Minimum order: $150
Setup Fee: $30




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