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Make it yourself - NO USE
-------------------------------------------------------How it works-------------------------------------------------------
Follow these easy steps to use Factory eNova to your best advantage:

Step 1: Sign up for the introductory to laser class, class A (2 hours); You will need to pass this class to use the laser yourself. Click here for more information. First time users should take advantage of the Beginner's Packages

Step 2: Make a Reservation: When you are ready to use the Laser, you can book it online here.

Step 3: Sign up for a membership. Membership is not required to use the laser at Factory eNova yourself, but it is highly recommended. See why here.

Step 4: Purchase Laser Usage Time: The more minutes you buy, the more you will save. Buy in bulk and save. 
During "March Making Madness", until 3/31/2016, a special 24hours package is only at $12/hr instead of $15/hr. Laser usage time will not expire as long as membership is active!
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