Laser Engravable and Laser Cut Materials We Stock

The material lists below are stocked at our shop for online custom service or in house purchase. You can upload your design and simply request any type of material we stock below. If you cannot find the material you need, let us know as we are constantly updating this list.

FAQ: How do I place my order with your material? - Answer: When filling out the Request for a Quote form , simply specify the material description or material ID that you would like to use in the "Materials" section. FAQ: Can I bring my own material instead of using yours? - Answer: Absolutely yes! Let us know what material you plan to use and we can advise from there. If we can work with your material, you can ship your material to us or drop them off for your order. FAQ: Do you have discounts for bulk order? - Answer: Yes, we do! Our laser service is at a lower rate for larger job. We also have Bulk Discount for materials as below:
  • 5 or more sheets: 20% discount
  • 10 or more sheets: 30% discount

Wood Sheets

Laser cut - engrave birch
laser cut model house with plywood

Description: Birch plywood is our favorite material for laser cutting and engraving. Birch is flexible yet strong enough to be used in many structural or prototyping projects. Laser cutting birch normally produces a slight burnt edges. The burnt edges are more visible on the 1/4" sheet but not as visible on the 1/8" sheet. Every sheet of Birch plywood has its own unique grains so do not expect all engraving or cutting to be exactly the same, expect uniqueness and we hope you will enjoy this as much as we do!

  Price ID
Baltic Birch Plywood, 1/8" (24"x 12") 4.99 W01
Baltic Birch Plywood, 1/8" (24"x 18") 6.99 W02
Baltic Birch Plywood, 1/4" (24"x 12") 5.99 W03
Baltic Birch Plywood, 1/4" (24"x 18") 6.99 W04

Acrylic Sheets

laser cut acrylic
laser cut mirrored acrylic

Description: We stock laser cut and laser engravable acrylic sheets from 1/16" (1.5mm) to 1/4" (6mm). Laser cut acrylic gives a nice and smooth edges. Laser engrave acrylic also provides nice contrast except on solid color acrylic. Laser engrave and laser cut on mirrored acrylic needs to be done on the back (non-reflective side) of the sheet for better result.

  Price ID
1/8" sheet (clear, 12" x 24") 11.49 P01
1/8" sheet (clear, 18" x 24") 17.49 P02
1/4" sheet (clear, 12" x 24") 17.49 P03
1/4" sheet (clear, 18" x 24") 24.99 P04
1/8" sheet (frosted, 12" x 24") 14.99 P05
1/8" sheet (black, 12" x 24") 12.99 P06
1/8" sheet (black, 18" x 24") 18.99 P07
1/8" sheet (silver mirrored, 12" x 24") 18.99 P08
1/8" sheet (silver mirrored, 18" x 24") 29.99 P09
1/8" sheet (gold mirrored, 12" x 24") 25.99 P010
1/8" sheet (white, 12" x 24") 12.99 P11
1/8" sheet (white, 18" x 24") 18.99 P12
1/8" sheet (dark clear blue, 12" x 24") 12.99 P13
1/8" sheet (dark clear red, 12" x 24") 12.99 P14
1/16" sheet (white, 18" x 24") 16.99 P15
2mm sheet (gold mirrored, 18" x 24") 29.99 P16


laser cut cardboard
Laser cut cardboard

Description: Just corrugated cardboard! These are perfect to test out your ideas. It is not as strong as birch or acrylic, but laser cut cardboard does hold up really well and has been used by many architectures to make prototype structures and products. Laser engraving cardboard provides a very interesting effect thanks to the corrugated pattern it has internally!

  Price ID
Plain Corrugated Cardboard Sheet, 1/8" (24"x18") 1.49 C01
Please Note: This material list does not guarantee in store availability. Please contact us for inventory status.
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