Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: Does Factory eNova provide onilne laser cutting and engrvaving services? 

A:  Yes, we accept online order for laser cutting and engraving with our material or your own materials. Please take a look at our service page to learn more! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

2. Q: What meterial can be cut with the laser:

A: The laser can cut up to 1/4" plywood, acrylic, cardstock paper, cardboard, and leather. 

3. Q: Can the laser cut metal?

A: No, the laser we have can not cut metal. It can only engrave coated metal such as anodized aluminum and powder coated stainless steel. For bare metal, we can also engrave it by coating it with a chemical called Cermark, and the final engraving will be black.

4. Q. What material can the laser engrave and engrave?

A: The laser can work on almost any material except PVC and a few material that might cause toxic. Check with our material list for more details. 

5. Q. What is the largest object that can fit in the laser?

A. The laser's bed size is 24"x18" and it can fit up to 9" in height.

6. Q. Can you laser engrave on glass?

A. Yes, we can. CO2 laser can engrave on glass and leaves a frosted look.

7. Q. Can you laser engrave cylindrical object such as water bottle?

A. Yes, we can. We use a rotary device to turn the object while engraving.

8. Q. How much do you charge to engrave something?
A. There is no set price since most job is different. You can request for a quote here

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