About Us


Factory eNova a creative studio providing services and DIY solutions in the UV printing and laser engraving and cutting markets. We also provide unique personalized promotional items and custom printing and marking services to help brand your company and/or increase the value of your current product. Be sure to ask us what we have to offer you.


EXPERIENCE: We offer comprehensive consultation and an expert staff to ensure the upmost quality is carried out into your product or piece and when in the studio that you have a safe, meaningful and rewarding experience. Talented staff members are available full time to help develop ideas and improve your technical skills or provide theirs to promote a collaborative and creative environment to get the job done.
EQUIPMENT & SOFTWARE: Our studio houses three Epliog laser cutters/engravers, and a Roland UV Printer. Members have open access to design software: CorelDraw 7 Autodesk’s 123D Make, and Cubify.
STUDIO SPACE: We have workstations for all of our equipment. We have two large worktables for completing projects and collaborating with others. There is wifi and a design station for the public to access while working in our space. We have music to sing your hearts out while you work!
COMMUNITY: Events take place regularly to bring the community together to exchange ideas, techniques, as well to show off their creations. We are active supporters of the maker, artisan, startup community and many more.

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