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Welcome to Factory eNova's Laser Service Department!
UPDATE: DUE TO COVID-19, We are temporarily stop accepting custom engraving or laser cutting projects, sorry about the inconvenice. Stay safe! We are a perfect fit for your short to medium run of laser cutting or laser engraving wood, acrylic, paper, leather, felt, fabric, and more. We accept both in store and online orders, one-off or recurring jobs request. We are here to help make manufacturing and prototyping easier for you. Let us know if you are intersted in setting up a recurring service account with us.
UPDATE: DUE TO COVID-19, We are temporarily stop accepting custom engraving or laser cutting projects, sorry about the inconvenice. Stay safe! 

How to request for pricing?

There is no set price per any items since we treat each request separately.
Minimum: $200 for any service job

For first time customer, please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Choose your material from this list, or you can provide your own material or products.

  2. Ready your files - use the simple template to organize your cutting and/or engraving*

  3. Get a Quote - please fill out the request for a quote form and we will get back with you within 24 hours!

* If you don't have a file ready and need a quick estimate, send us what you have with detail information.
* If only engraving is needed, we can accept .pdf or .jpeg images without a design template.

Request for a quote is quick and free. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (657) 777-4179 and we will be more than happy to fill it out over the phone with you. If a request is sent from M-F between 10am-4pm, we will response within the same day.


Pricing Example

Pricing below is only for reference and is not guaranteed. Pricing is subjected to be changed by material choice and designs specific. Complete "Request a Quote" form for accurate pricing.
$1.85/ea* to laser cut 1.5" x1.5" acrylic charms each, material included, 100 qty
$6.50/ea* to laser cut plywood robot chassis approximate 8"x5", material included, 50 qty.
$300-$600* custom laser cutting wooden sign 8'x8', varied by wood choice, intricacy, and how ready the designs are, material included
$4.25/ea* to laser engrave 8"x10" wooden blanks or panels, material not included, 50 qt
$1.25/ea* to custom laser engraving your anodized aluminum products: For 4"x1" piece, and the engraving area of 2"x0.5", material not included, qty 200
$3.75/ea* to engrave 100 champagne flutes, glasses not included

Request a Quote

Some of our popular laser service requests:

Laser cut and/or engrave wood


Laser cutting plywood: Our laser machines can cut up to 1/4" or 6mm plywood. Birch plywood is our favorite material for laser cutting and engraving. Birch is flexible yet strong enough to be used in many structural or prototyping projects. See what we have in stock here. Laser cutting birch normally produces a slight burnt edges. The burnt edges are more visible on the 1/4" sheet but not as visible on the 1/8" sheet. Every sheet of Birch plywood has its own unique grains so do not expect all engraving or cutting to be exactly the same, expect uniqueness and we hope you will enjoy this as much as we do!

Laser engraving wood products: You can definitely provide us with your own wood products such as wooden boxes, wooden vanvases or wooden coasters... to be engraved with your logo and designs.

Laser cut and/or engrave acrylic

Laser cutting acrylic sheets: Our laser machines can cut up to 1/4" or 6mm acrylic sheets. Laser cut acrylic gives a nice and smooth edges. See what we have in stock here. We will work with your material as well.
Laser engraving acrylic products: Engraving on acrylic provides nice contrast. Laser etching mirrored acrylic needs to be done on the back (non-reflective side) of the sheet for better result.

Laser cut card stock paper or cardboard


Laser cutting paper is a great alternative to die cutting paper. There are two benefits of choosing laser cutting paper over die cutting:

  1.  Reduce up front cost of making die and the time to do it, this also results in faster lead time with laser cutting option.
  2.  Laser cutting allow the design to be as intricate as it needs to be!

Laser cutting paper is however, often creates a light burnt marks at the bottom of the pieces being cut (the top surface is clean). Depends on the application, laser cutting paper might not be suited. It is perfect to create intricate wedding invitations, greeting cards, or other stationaries.

Laser engraving paper or cardboard produces unique results compared to traditional printing. Since engraving paper will burn off the top layer of the piece, we advise choosing material with higher contrast for engraving purposes.

Note: We do not stock paper or card stock, but you can have the material shipped or dropped off at our studio.

Laser engrave glass or laser etch glass


Factory eNova can laser engraving glass products such as wine glasses, mason jars, champagne flutes or just a sheet of glass. The engraving will normally become white and visible.

Note: We do not stock glass products, but you can have the products shipped or dropped off at our studio.

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